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Class Attendance Policy

Black Matrix Academy appreciates your decision to attend our business for training. Black Matrix Academy utilizes all precautionary measures to ensure the safety of students and clients while in attendance of our facility and visiting facilities. Safety is our top priority.

The use of a firearm is a requirement in most of the services that Black Matrix Academy offers and are expressly outlined in those services. Enrollment and attendance to any and all services serves as an agreement that each attendee has reviewed our policies and acknowledge all liabilities in utilizing these services. Attendees agree to hold Black Matrix Academy harmless to injuries or death.  Services that require live fire qualification are provided training and instruction to ensure the safety of fellow students and those sharing training space with individuals attending. If a member of staff believes or observes ANY student violating the safety rules verbally and or written, a disturbance or distraction, you will be removed from training in violation and/therefore forfeiting any future training with Black Matrix Academy (at the discretion of the owner and instructor or trainers). Removal from training services for a violation of such will forfeit all monies and NO REFUND will be provided.

Black Matrix Academy does follow along with CDC guidelines to promote and prevent the spread of the Covid virus. Students that enroll agree to adhere to, current and future implementations set in place for the prevention of the virus. Training areas and training aids are cleaned and sanitized before and after every class. Students are not required to wear facial covering, but it is strongly encouraged. Black Matrix Academy will NOT permit access to individuals that show symptoms or refuse these measures. 

Clients/Students agree to assume complete responsibility for their attendance to the services in which they enroll. Failure to be at the location provided at time of booking will result in a forfeit of payment. NO REFUND will be given.

We want all attendees to be comfortable while in our training programs. If we have a safety concern or a request for an attendee to remove facial covering, in enrolling you agree to adhere to the request of Black Matrix Academy staff. We will ensure the removal of all persons who exhibit agressive, abusive, combative languages or actions to any staff or clients.

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