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About us

Certified Firearms Instructor 

The instruction staff of Black Matrix Academy are NRA and Illinois State Police certified with continuous personal training in various disciplines


BLACK MARIX ACADEMY was developed under the concept, Black, being the representation of evil, darkness, harm and Matrix- a multitude of options for defense, hand to hand combat to firearm or other weaponry. In collaboration BLACK MATRIX ACADEMY is the development of self defense with matching force or power allowing the attacked to utilize a tool box of training to ensure their safety, family or friends . BMA doesn't want to just qualify or certify you but inspire and motivate you to take new skills for self defense and feel confident in your ability.

Firearm safety is paramount to growth and development, a person who fails to respect it will be taught a forever lasting lesson which can include fatality. Join us as a Second Amendment right owner and enthusiast in the enjoyment of this field and challenge yourself.

Omar Robbins


Michelle Lavender

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