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Private Instruction

Private instruction is available for individual and groups. Instructor can assist in the development and improvement in accuracy, sight picture, sight alignment, reloading and the basics of firearms use; as well as any other areas that student may want to specifically focus into.

Shoot Your Shot

The course will challenge and cover firearm shooting multiple distances from the holster.  Students will be challenged to accurately hit targets while also being required to perform reloading.  Students will receive score and ranking for their accuracy.

Sammy the Safety Children Course

The course will focus on educating safety practices when in contact with firearms.  Fun activities and videos will be included in the class.

Illinois Conceal and Carry 8/16 Hour

Illinois requires applicants to attend a 16-hour course before submitting application for permit.  The 8-hour class is available to military personnel or those with specific exclusions. Day one of the 16-hour course will cover but not limited to firearm safety, firearm maintenance, storage, transportation, ammunition identification, firearm parts, fundamentals of shooting, live demo's including student participation. Day 2 will encompass the conceal carry law concerning the use of force, psychology before and after a use of force situation, conceal carry reprocity, live fire qualifi

Illinois Conceal and Carry 3 Hour Renewal.

Current conceal carry holders that require the Illinois State Police 3-hour training to satisfy the prerequisite set by the state for renewal of their license. In this coarse student will be reintroduced to the basics of a firearm and safety, firearm routine maintenance, newly added laws pertaining to use of force, shooting fundamentals and students live demos.

Basic Pistol training (NRA Basic Pistol)

The course is designed for new shooters to introduce them to the basics of handguns; preparation for the use of for recreational or protection as well as beginning the journey into developing skills towards proficiency and development. Students will gain valuable information to ensure a concise understanding and comfort for firearms. This course can be used to satisfy 8 hours of the requirement for the Illinois Conceal Carry class.

Florida Conceal Carry

Non-Residents who seek to obtain out of state licensing for conceal carry use. This class is great for people who travel from state to state and want to ensure that they can protect themselves with the use of a firearm if place in a forcible felony scenario. The Florida conceal carry reciprocity will cover license holders for 38 states. Students will learn the use of force law for the state of Florida which will satisfy the requirement in addition to live fire qualification.

Youth/Adolescent Safety coarse (8-16 years of age) 

Coarse development is for students between the ages of 8-16 years of age that have never handled a firearm, live in a household with a owner of a firearm or interested in firearms. We believe that the worst thing is to not educate those between these ages, with proper training and lecture reductions in accidental discharge leading to bodily harm or death can be attained. 

Introduction to handgun maintenance 

As a firearm owner you want to make sure that your firearm is ready for use. You Don't need that firearm to not perform when it may be paramount making the difference in your safety. In the course you will learn about products on the market today that can be used to clean your firearm, signs of when firearm maintenance is needed and live demo of cleaning a firearm.


Tactical firearm defense 

In this coarse student will be challenged by performing live fire scenario-based drills. We believe that training from the booth improves your fundamentals in improvement of accuracy, which is greatly needed but to take it to the next level even more so as a conceal carry holder this is the course for you. You will be challenged in firing for hits while using your body and range of motion. Students must meet prerequisite for coarse. Prior training or certification is required.

IMG_1335 2.JPG

The feminine brand of Black Matrix Academy. In this all women program, all training and information is based and focused in the priority of self defense training through a multitude of methods, promotion of situational awareness and identifiers and development of firearm function and safety. This is not just a class it becomes a sisterhood.

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