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How does the Conceal Carry process work?

A common question amongst new foid (Firearm owner identification) holders is what do I do next I just received my foid card. You have made the choice to begin a new journey into firearm ownership and have dedicated yourself to be able to defend your family and loved ones using lethal force if necessary. I always explain to my students to not treat this as a trend or wave but understand the seriousness, this can be the difference between life and death; freedom and spending time incarcerated. So, you have received your foid card and now want to obtain a conceal carry license. First, you MUST attend a 16 hour training class held in a classroom setting (online training) is not an option because you must qualify through live-fire at a shooting range as part of the training completion requirement. Upon completion of the training class you will receive a certificate from your instructor which will be used when applying for a conceal license as verification that you have passed and have the knowledge of firearms and use of force laws. Visiting the Illinois State Police website you can log into your profile and begin the process, if you dont have one or have forgotten your log in credentials you can create a new one or enter the required information to reset your password. Follow the prompt of questions; entering your information and you will reach a point where there is a request for the instructors credentials (Name and instructor number/both are located at the bottom of the certificate) make sure that when you enter the instructor number you add the CCT with the number that follows or you will receive a message that the instructor can't be found. After submitting your information, picture of your certificate and photo you'll be redirected to the payment page. You have completed the application process now it is time to wait. The Illinois State Police have up to 120 days upon completion of your application to deny or you receiving your physical license. If by any chance information can't be verified or submitted incorrectly you can make the corrections but this begins the waiting time to the beginning as if you are submitting for the first time (I know it can be frustrating). I advise if you are past the 120 days waiting to contact the Illinois State Police if unable to rectify the situation giving your State representative a call may help you as well.

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