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How to prepare for changing seasons

Conceal Carry is always a thinking game and even more so with the changes in seasons. I thought I'd provide something's to consider. In preparing myself for the day like almost every person I ponder on what will be my attire for the day then and what firearm will I conceal carry. Most people have a belief that the smallest firearm is the best thing to have because it's easily concealable. Well, I don't stand with that belief because the best firearm to have is one you are most comfortable and proficient with. In the changing in the seasons we either wear more clothing or less clothing, we can be attending an event, running errands, headed to work or just visiting friends and family. How do I decide what my best options are? The major key rather it be hot or cold weather formal event or daily vocations decide where your firearm will be placed on you that allows it to be unnoticeable, comfortable and accessible. I find the winter season to be the easiest because we typically wear layers of clothing now you should keep in mind that choosing a smaller firearm that you are not the best with to suffice concealment can be done by just wearing looser clothing or placing another layer of clothing on top of a garment. Placing firearms such as the ones deemed pocket pistols is not a good option, but why? what if the firearm becomes snagged on your clothing or in the high adrenaline moment of defending yourself as you grab for it you press the trigger; in all the firearm is aimed at your body. Be responsible, be concise and don't overthink but a healthy analyzing of the overall will assist you in your journey as a conceal carry holder.

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